The 10 Worst Games in 2015


In the world of video games the gamer is the supreme authority. Their pleasure or displeasure rules all, decides all, rewards or takes away all. So far in 2015 there have been a number of disappointing games that simply don’t make the grade. Despite well-funded and cleverly constructed ad campaigns, once released and reviewed by the experts – the players themselves – all the slick advertising in the world won’t redeem these stinkers. Here are the 10 games rated the worst of the year to date:



Prior to it’s release, EA described this game as “far more than an expansion pack”. This was widely believed to be a means of convincing the public that extra content available for Battlefield 4 would be completely different and more costly. Upon it’s release it became clear that there was no spectacular surprise to this game. In fact, there was essentially nothing new whatsoever.


This game lacked one iota of forward momentum. There were no new characters, moves, or styles, no new backgrounds or scenarios. The company even attempted a “deal”: they offered a copy of the base game for free. Following the free portion of the game, the player found himself in a marketplace where every necessity had to be purchased. It was also found that the storyline was precisely the same as the storyline for Dead or Alive 5, no updates or new material whatsoever.


Yet another game that takes players through a single-player campaign with bots as companions throughout, only to lead to a marketplace full of items that should have been available to the players all through the game. There was nothing new to be found.


This game has proven frustrating to players due to it’s repetitiveness. Even after a second “expansion” which was supposed to correct the problem, the changes were only on the surface, involving mainly script rather than actual missions or weaponry.


Raven’s Cry is so blatant a copy of Assassin’s Creed IV that it is shocking no one has sued for copyright infringement. Everything from the ship combat to the HUD design and all things in between.


This game was designed to be geared toward the Wii-loving crowd. Marketed as a fast-paced interactive hyper-octane collection. However, reality was that it proved to be nothing more than an interactive theme park “experience”.


This game had the potential to be wildly popular. It was highly anticipated and even started out along the right track, taking up in the middle of the show’s Season 3 Red Wedding. But that’s where the interest ended as the game’s storyline veered off into completely different family scenarios. From that point there was only the occasional reference to one of the show’s popular characters.


This version of Saints Row was a letdown as only that “one-too-many-sequels” game can be. None of the storylines flowed or even played out completely. The concept is there, the possibility is there, but there is no completion. The game simply goes here and there with no real direction. Players describe it as supremely frustrating.

2) THE ORDER: 1886

Another massive buildup for a game that proved to be a gargantuan disappointment. The entire scenario has a copied-and-pasted feel to it. At best, the entire length of the game is approximately 5 hours, if one is generous. Not an impressive trait in the least.


The campaigns are what make this game such a pain to deal with. Players are expected to go into battle situations with tactical information whatsoever. They are killed, sent back to he beginning to start over, and killed again until they figure out how to navigate the scenarios with no help at all. Monotony and frustration at their finest.


Nothing is quite so soul-crushingly enraging as discovering that the game you have anticipated playing and conquering for months prior to it’s release is not up to par, to say the least. Unfortunately, unless you are willing to sit back and wait for the player reviews to come in from those who play for the love of playing and not those who review the games and are paid to be kind, be prepared to run into your fair share of games that by far do not meet your expectations. Someone out there in Gamerland is surely sitting back waiting for your review, so he does not waste his money.


Most-Anticipated Games of 2016

There are many heavy-hitting titles that are set to release in 2016. Some are well-known and from major game franchises, while others seem to have come out of the blue. Regardless, anticipation is high for quite a number of games set to release in 2016 and this list is just a scratch at the surface at what next year has to offer.

So, without further ado, here is a look at some of the top games that have a 2016 release date.

Final Fantasy XV

There are few titles with more hype than Final Fantasy XV. This is the 15th game of the series and is slated for release in March of 2016. While it’s one of the most-hyped games for 2016, this just applies among Final Fantasy fans. For those that aren’t so intrigued by action role-playing style games, the rest of the list might generate more interest.


The Uncharted series has already seen over 21 million in units sold. It’s only continue to grow, and the 4th edition of the game comes with a significant amount of anticipation. Uncharted 4 is sub-titled as “A Thief’s End” and it is planned for release in March of 2016. The game’s story plays out three years later than Uncharted 3. The story depicts Drake as a retired fortune hunter, who has chosen a simpler life with his significant other. Everything changes when his “dead” brother arrives in need of Drake’s saving. The two go on a mission to uncover a conspiracy and to find pirate treasure.

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is set to release on the Wii U in 2016. This game would be credited as the 19th game in the Legend of Zelda series, and the very first with high-definition visuals. Players get to roam freely in the game’s open world and explore all different areas. While it was originally due for a 2015 release, the game was delayed until 2016.

Dead Island 2

By 2016, the hype for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (due for November 2015) will have died down. By then, there will be a new top zombies game around. And that game is Dead Island 2. After having an incredible release in the original Dead Island, and an impressive follow-up in Riptide, there’s no doubt hopes are high for Dead Island 2. The game comes as a sequel five years after the original and it’s story follows the timeline of just a couple months after the original edition. Except, the one key difference is that the Dead Island 2 story plays out in California.

2016 is Shaping Up Well

There is no doubt about it, 2016 is looking like a year gamers will love. And these are just some of the great titles that are set to come out next year. There are still other amazing games, like Street Fighter V, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Doom that will surely blow fans away. It’s hard to keep up with all the latest gaming news; you can always check out what’s new and hot on Gamestop.com or IGN.com from time to time. Otherwise, like some gaming pages on Facebook and keep an eye on the latest news in your news feed.


Most Popular Game Consoles on the Market

Gaming has evolved to become more than just a hobby, it’s now a passion of deep interest and a real career path to take. What works and what doesn’t has been clearly defined, and gamers are now more spoiled than ever before. Consoles can connect with each other over wireless network connections, and that fact alone shows just how innovative gaming has become.

With that said, let’s look at the most popular game consoles on the market in the past decade by units sold.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo fans waited forever to see a new console release after the Nintendo 64, and the Nintendo Wii did not fail to impress. This console came with innovation in mind, seeing as the system brought Kinect-style gameplay to the frontier. The console sold 101.56 million units since it’s 2006 release, making it a huge seller. In fact, it’s the fifth most sold console of all time and the top selling console in the past 10 years.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 came out in 2005, but many new models were released that offered greater gameplay and visuals. It sold 84 million copies and is still released in new console bundles. Most top-level games are also still released on the 360, as they are for the PS3. The Xbox 360 came as a big step up from the original Xbox, and proved that PC gaming quality could work on a console unit.

Nintendo 3DS

Since it’s 2011 release, the Nintendo 3DS has sold 53.07 million units. This is an astonishing number that shows the strength of Nintendo fans and indicates the next full console from Nintendo will be a huge seller. Hardcore fans saw the mobile design as no hindrance, and many users also went the route of hooking up their 3DS to their HDTV for better gameplay.

Playstation 4

The PS4 was expected to lose out to the Xbox One upon release, but word-of-mouth has truly helped catapult Sony’s offering into the lead. Both released in 2013, but the Playstation 4 has sold 25.3 million units while the Xbox One only records in at over 10 million units sold. The PS4 saw a big improvement to the user interface screens, and a huge jump in graphic quality, which were two points where it previously lost out to Microsoft.

Playstation 3

The lack of success from the Xbox one is notable, and even though the Xbox is a super popular console, it’s consumer popularity has lacked. Meanwhile, the Playstation 3 has already been replaced by it’s newer version and it still deserves a higher ranking than the Xbox One in terms of popularity. After releasing seven years prior to the Xbox One, over 83.8 million units of the console were sold. And, just like with the Xbox 360, you can still find the PS3 released with new bundles.

All said, the best console makers stood the test of time and have commanded reasonable market shares. It’s expected that these names will stay on top, and that the future will be full of new Xbox’s and Playstation’s to rule the pact. Of course, you cannot count out the possibility of a new innovation in gaming coming in the form of a fresh console from Nintendo or Steam.